• Location - Riga
  • Clothing - Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Duration - from 10min and more
  • Participant - 1 person
* Weather conditions - flights can be canceled by the pilot

Flight on a hang-glider from the water is carried out from Krasta Street, in Riga; and flying on a hang-glider over the capital - from the airfield "Spilve". If you want to get the video after the flight - then you need to take a microSD memory card with you.

If you do not have a micro SD card, you can receive photos by e-mail paying 5 EUR for this

Introduction flight
Introduction flights on a hang glider are a new level of flying devices that can fly in dry and wet weather, in winter and in summer, taking off from land and water. More often flights on a hang-glider are carried out in the morning and in the evening.
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Flight on a hang-glider

A unique opportunity under the guidance of a professional to make an extraordinary flight, to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world from a height of several hundred meters. Of all the elements, only the air allows you to move so quickly and freely.

It is peculiar for a person to dream about the sky, to strive for space - so forward to realization of a beautiful dream and bright impressions!

Location : Rīga, Krasta iela 56, Sky
Flight time : from 10 to 15 min.
Tel.: +371 29 511 922
Flight on avtažir

If you like to fly and see everything from a bird's flight, then during this service you will get positive emotions and a cocktail with adrenaline, enjoying the green beauty of Latvia. If the weather is good, the pilot can take a picture or shoot a flight video. A micro SD card must be inserted. Photos by e-mail for an additional fee of 5 euros or before the flight, you can buy a micro SD card from the pilot for 10 euros.

Location : Rīga
Flight time : from 10 to 15 min.
Tel.: +371 29 511 922

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Spilve Airport and Krasta Beach
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Experienced pilot - an instructor, participant of 6 world championships, invites you to familiarize flights.
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Contact - tel:+371 29 511 922
Flight from Krasta 56
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Flights from the airport SPILVA
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+371 29 511 922
Krasta iela 56, Rīga, SKY
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